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It wasn’t anywhere near the rumors that proliferated in many different websites. It was more than what was expected. Now, I’m not a true-blue techie, just a fan of cool, pretty gadgets – that are very easy to use and just works! I’m willing to bet that the iPhone is just that. And it runs on OS X. What more can a Mac user like me ask for? Maybe this can also help entice others to switch to a Mac? Heehee! Apple can be faulted for many other things, but they always get the pretty-intuitive-and-just-works thing down pat.

Again, due to my limited technical expertise, I’m leaving the description to the experts. Here’s an excerpt from a Time Magazine writer:

That was why, two and a half years ago, Jobs sicced his wrecking crew of designers and engineers on the cell phone as we know and hate it. They began by melting the face off a video iPod. No clickwheel, no keypad. They sheared off the entire front and replaced it with a huge, bright, vivid screen—that touchscreen Jobs got so excited about a few paragraphs ago. When you need to dial, it shows you a keypad; when you need other buttons, the screen serves them up. When you want to watch a video, the buttons disappear. Suddenly, the interface isn’t fixed and rigid, it’s fluid and molten. Software replaces hardware.

Into that iPod they stuffed a working version of Apple’s operating system, OS X, so the phone could handle real, non-toy applications like Web browsers and e-mail clients. They put in a cell antenna, plus two more antennas for WiFi and Bluetooth; plus a bunch of sensors, so the phone knows how bright its screen should be, and whether it should display vertically or horizontally, and when it should turn off the touchscreen so you don’t accidentally operate it with your ear.
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Also, check out the iPhone site.

I can’t wait for iPhone to reach the shores of Asia. I don’t really mind the long wait. Surely we’ll be getting the updated versions by then. And I really need the time to save first. 😉

And by the way, Apple has also changed its name from Apple Computer, Inc. to just plain Apple, Inc. The first 30 years are just the beginning indeed.