(previous Blogger post, December 30, 2006, Saturday)

Fess up time. Here are mine, divided into categories:

• Reality shows
• Asian telenovelas (light ones only, no tragedies for me)
• Reruns of practically anything, even shows I didn’t watch on its original run
• Anything on the foreign cable channels (even if not a single word is in English)

• Cold leftovers, as in eaten straight from the fridge
• White bread with condensed milk

• Sappy romance novels when I’m bored
• Pugad Baboy comic books that I bought in college and still read over and over up to now

• Romantic comedies usually starring Sandra Bullock and Meg Ryan
• Clueless (there’s just something about that moving closet rack – every girl’s fantasy)
• Home Alone and Back to the Future series

• Overly sentimental 80s ballads when I’m feeling lovesick

What are yours? Go ahead, don’t be shy. 😉 Happy New Year everyone!