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Just finished reading Anna’s blog. I’m now totally convinced that she’s my doppelgänger. Not the ghostly, evil kind. I’m using the word loosely here. I actually mean my double. I’ve always known that she’s the one person with whom I share the most things in common. I could mention a book, movie, music, poem, whatever, and she knows what I’m talking about. Vice versa. I totally get 99% of what’s in her blog. She had a list of ‘Things to Do Before I Die’ and I could practically copy-paste it here and claim it as my own. Except for the learn how to ride a bike item. Heehee! I’ve been riding a bike since I could walk (quickly progressed from the kiddie three-wheel bike to BMX). Since we’re all still unique individuals, I’m just gonna rip off that list idea and make my own. Let’s see how many of our items match up.

Anna’s list:
1. Cross the Great Wall of China
2. Go to Rome
3. Live in another country for at least a year
4. Learn to play the piano
5. Publish a book
6. Learn to ride a bike
7. Work an odd job
8. Take a month-long seaside vacation
9. Free fall
10. Meet a world mover/shaker (i.e. Bono, the Pope, Kofi Annan, Corazon Aquino, David Beckham, Angelina Jolie, JK Rowling)

My list:
1. Go on a cross-continent European tour
2. Write and publish a book
3. Build a beach house
4. Write and compose a song
5. Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef
6. Skydive
7. Give a significant amount of time and money to my favorite charities
8. Live in a foreign country for at least a year
9. Learn new languages good enough to speak and write it like a native
10. Climb to the peak of a major mountain