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I am now very secure in my bond with Anna. Yesterday, we spent some time together in a tiny videoke booth at Timezone (a popular arcade) listening to each other sing our hearts out – out of tune! Before we went in, she told me, “Leah, this is a true test of friendship.” Indeed, on the part of the one singing, it’s about being comfortable with your friend and trusting that she will still think the same of you no matter how you torture her ears with your “singing”. On the part of the one listening, it’s about loving your friend enough not to laugh derisively, cover your ears or worse, walk out and tell everybody about how badly she sings.

Well, I’m happy to tell you all that we came out of it still friends, if not better ones. In fact, I think we’re now videoke addicts. Uh-oh, I think that’s worse, haha! We enjoyed it so much we’re now thinking of our song lineup for next time. The few who’ve heard us sing in the past are now probably wishing that we came out of it enemies instead. Sorry folks, all I can say is BEWARE! The videoke queens have landed…