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I’m sad. I just found out that one of my favorite haunts in Dumaguete was razed by a fire last week. It was the Body and Sole Spa. A client introduced me to that spa in its Cebu branch, then we also went to the one in Dumaguete. That was back in 2004. I loved it there because of the full body massage that costs only P250, around half of what it normally costs here in Metro Manila. When I went back to Dumaguete with my friends this summer, I was glad to see that the price of services remained unchanged for the past two years! It’s cheap, but the quality of service is comparable to Manila’s good spas. The staff is friendly and the place is so relaxing (of course, it’s a spa, hehe!). One time, I had a good chat with a friendly local while I was waiting for my oficemate. He told me about living in Manila – and how he hated it! – during soccer training (he played for Negros Oriental). It easily became one of my must-go-to places in the city. Sometimes when I’m really longing for a full body massage yet my budget won’t cover it at that moment, I tell my friends that I want to go to Dumaguete so I can have it for only P250. Of course I’ll have to add around P3,000 for the airfare, haha!

I’m just sad that it won’t be there anymore when I go back to Dumaguete (every year, if I can have my way). Maybe they’ll rebuild it, but it won’t be the same without the old structure. There was something charming about that one. Thank God Jo’s Chicken Inato was spared. That’s another favorite. Oh well, I hope no more of my favorite places would burn down. I love having that familiarity with a place other than my hometowns, Metro Manila and Capiz. As of now I can only claim that with downtown Dumaguete, Cebu City, Baguio, and some parts of Bacolod and Davao City.