After almost a year of taking time off, traveling, incurring credit card debt, and doing freelance work, I’m heading back into the fray of the corporate world. I’m actually looking forward to it, and that’s something for someone whose idea of a dream job is something that won’t require leaving the house early in the morning everyday. I actually missed the whole employee bit. Ok, not the one about dealing with a boss, but the one about working with different kinds of people. I missed working with artists and clients. I even kind of missed the stress of plenty of deadlines. I think I’ve had enough of taking it easy…for now.

Starting February 27, I’ll be back in the grind, this time in Makati. It’s my first time to work there (not counting my practicum way back in 1996). I’ve always worked in Ortigas Center so I now know its every nook and cranny. Time for me to explore the Makati CBD environs.

I’m excited to start working full-time again. I already have an instant buddy. One of my soon-to-be officemates took the same course I did in UP. We already had a good chat during my interview. I’m also looking forward to collaborating – and sometimes squabbling, haha! 😉 – with artists. For me, one of the best things about being a Copywriter is working with different artists. I’m a frustrated one, so I get to live vicariously through them and through working with them.

Most of all, this job means that I’ll have good, regular income, which means travel – and shopping – money, heehee! 😀 That’s actually the whole point of it. I’m getting tired of not being able to go anywhere. I’m long past the point of getting away with asking my dad for travel money. After paying off the credit card bill, I guess it’s on to the next destination. I don’t know where to yet, but I’ll definitely be hopping on a plane this year, by hook or by crook!

I’ll be a good girl, though. I’ll still make sure to have savings every month. I might get the itch to take time off again after a few years. As I’ve told my friend Rebs, copywriting pays the bills but it’s not necessarily all the kind of writing that I want to do.