While walking my dog this morning, a little boy around 3-4 years old asked me, “Ate, tomboy ba aso mo?” I just found that hilarious. What on earth made that little boy think that my dog is a tomboy? For the record, my dog is a boy – with gay tendencies. That’s another story for another time.

Questions like these just make me love kids all the more. I just love it when they ask questions that stump or fluster adults. When I was in my early teens, a niece asked me how babies are made. A common question from kids, but still, it was an “uhm…” moment. I finally told her to go ask her mom since I haven’t had a baby yet so I have no idea.

I often meet kids when I’m walking my dog. I can’t wait for more questions and comments that only they can think of asking and saying. I hope I’ll get enough to make a blog version of Kids Say The Darndest Things.