I started on my new job today.  Had to wake up at 6am and it was painful. Also, for the first time since I started working, I was in an office that was all PC/Windows.  I spent the first hour reacquainting myself with Windows, and it wasn’t pretty.  I’ve used PCs in my previous jobs, but it was only to edit something on Word or to check an artwork (yeah, an unfortunate artist got stuck with the only PC left in the Creative department at my previous office).  My main computer has always been a Mac.  So is my computer at home.  The last Windows I was familiar with was Windows 98 – and I was in no way an expert; I just got by.  I know they’ve made major strides with XP, but still, if you compare it with OS X, it’s actually Vista that’s actually close enough to it.  And I don’t want to talk about Vista.  Would want to try Linux though.  I haven’t actually seen it in action.

What I really missed was Exposé.  I had several programs and windows open and Exposé would’ve made switching through them so effortless.  XP has alt+tab to switch between programs but it’s not as easy as F9.  It also has no F10 to switch between windows of the same program and F11 to instantly hide all windows and get to the desktop.  I also missed the dock.  At least the web browser was Firefox.  But still, while surfing the web, annoying dialog boxes would pop up every time I visit secure sites.  Then there were the dialog boxes that say that the certificates for this and that have expired, etc. and it’s several times of clicking continue and yes before you can start browsing the page.  Grr…  I really appreciate how simpler everything is with OS X.  Even the keyboard shortcuts, especially the ones for special characters.  Who would remember alt+1803 for a bullet point (option+8 in OS X) and and alt+164 for ñ (option+n+n in OSX)?  I had to text my former officemate (the one who used the lone PC) for that.  I didn’t ask my new officemates.  I didn’t want to let on that I was groping around Windows, heehee!

I really did miss my Mac.  Only 1 day away from it and here I am again.  Just ate dinner and plunked myself in front of it.  I have to wean myself though.  I can’t do this every night, if only to save my eyes – and my home life, and my social life. 😀