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My Poor Blog

I viewed my blog through a Windows PC for the first time yesterday. I must say that I’m thoroughly disappointed with how Windows (or PCs, I don’t have enough technical knowledge to know where the problem lies) renders colors, fonts and graphics. My blog template looks totally prettier on a Mac, especially the fonts. The brown color of the body text comes out beautifully. And the brown background is more elegant, not the not-so-nice darker brown that I saw when I was on the PC. Take a look at this screenshot:


Now I totally get why artists and designers always prefer Macs.

I had a lot of slack time at work yesterday and I thought of doing some blog hopping, but I scrapped the idea when I saw how my blog looked. Don’t want to be further disappointed. Some of the blogs I read have beautiful templates. I just sticked to downloading whatever goodies I could get from the Apple website and all the other apps that I need. Taking advantage of the really fast internet connection, haha!

Not you, just those thoughtless election candidates who hold looooong motorcades with nary a care for the motorists that they inconvenience.  Sorry for the harsh headline.  It’s just that I got stuck at Kalayaan Ave. in Makati this morning.  It was only for 15 minutes, but the reason really irritated me and everyone else on the road.  I couldn’t tell whose group it was, but it was a really long motorcade that hogged the entire road.  They didn’t leave even just one lane for us.  I understand it’s the campaign season, but do these candidates think they can get votes by causing inconveniences?  After I told my dad about this, he said, “Ganyan talaga pag eleksyon, kapalan na ng mukha“, and to that I replied, “Ang kapal nga talaga ng mukha!”  The funny thing about this morning’s motorcade was that the candidates were waving with all their might and enthusiasm yet there were only a few bystanders.  What was there were a lot of pissed motorists and commuters.

Then again, this is all part of the Philippine election season.  Totally irritating, yet totally amusing too.

I haven’t written anything about Macs and Apple in general since the iPhone big bang. That’s because it’s been generally quiet on that front. The Apple TV market release was even somewhat anti-climactic. It seems that everyone is gearing up for the big OS X Leopard release.

There’s been a slew of updates recently – QuickTime 7.1.5, iTunes 7.1, and OS X 10.4.9, the last update before 10.5, which is Leopard. The iTunes update is probably the most exciting one. It now features full screen CoverFlow. Not so big in terms of functionality, but really pretty. Here:


There’s also a minor cosmetic change. The highlight color when you click on an item at the left menu box is now black.


A portent of things to come? A new, darker GUI for Leopard? The first to veer away from the typical Aqua GUI was iPhoto, especially the ‘Adjust’ box. Then came the cosmetic change of iTunes 7. All these in preparation for Leopard’s new GUI? Well, why not have a new look for Leopard? Vista has already copied a lot of Tiger’s features and graphic elements so it’s time to move on and give them something new to copy, hehe! Sorry, really can’t resist taking a dig at Windows.

I’m also wondering why iLife ’07 wasn’t released, or even announced, at Macworld last January. iLife is usually rolled out at the beginning of the year. There is definitely going to be an iLife ’07. Amazon even goofed and put it up on their site a couple of days before Macworld. Then there’s also silence on the Mac hardware front. No new Macs were unveiled at Macworld, its traditional launching pad. Steve Jobs also had no “One more thing…”. Something tells me Apple would come out with guns blazing before the WWDC in June. This will probably happen in late April or May. The Macworld became all about Apple’s expansion into other realms of technology and digital media. But I don’t think Steve and the rest of the guys at Cupertino are neglecting the Mac. I’m excited. This long silence could only mean big things for the Mac.

Yesterday, while goofing off at work, hehe, I watched some Mac vs. PC ads on YouTube. I also read the comments, and while I’m usually indifferent to Mac bashers, sometimes I still get irritated. I’m willing to bet that majority of the most virulent Mac critics have never used a Mac even a single time. The funniest bit for me was the one about Macs being for stupid people that’s why it was made to be so easy to use. Uhm, would you kindly look at the demographics of Mac users? Having a computer that just works right out of the box allows us to focus on more important things. Why waste our time with lots of configurations and customizations? Ok, I’m gonna stop now and avoid being dragged into this eternal debate. Just some last words for Mac bashers: Get your hands on a Mac and explore it without the PC/Windows mentality, then come back to us and tell us your HONEST opinion. By the way, a lot of Mac users are also cross-platform users so there’s little sense to the Mac-centric argument.

When I first got my Mac, Tintin predicted that I’ll be in a ‘do not disturb’ mode and totally engrossed with the thing for about two weeks, then I’ll be back to normal (a relative term, haha!). Oh well, many, many two weeks have passed and I’m still totally absorbed with Minnie. Yep, I’ve named my Mac like many other users do. After an entire day on a Windows PC, I can’t wait to get my hands back on a Mac when I get home from work. Windows and PCs just hold no appeal to me. Call it snobbery, a quirk, a crock, or whatever, but I’ll always be a Macgirl and proud of it! 😀

Know Your Proverbs

Something I heard on the radio made me burst out laughing – right when the office was at its quietest.  I guess I’m now the resident klutzy (tripped and almost fell in the first few minutes of my first day), nutty girl.

I forgot the radio station already, but they were giving away free tickets to something.  The caller has to supply the missing word to a proverb.  Each correct answer earns one free ticket.  I didn’t catch the start of this guy’s call, but it caught my attention because I could tell that the DJ was trying so hard not to laugh.

First proverb:  “The pen is mightier than the ___________.”  “Pencil!” said the guy in all confidence.  At least he got “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

Next:  “The grass is always greener on the other side of the ________.”  Long pause.  “Yard.”

Finally:  “When the cat is away, the mouse will ______.”  Long pause.  “Wait.”

Min, this is your kind of humor.  I wish you heard this too.  Anna, remember the “three blind…ano nga ba yun…kittens?”  Hahahaha!  I don’t know if younger people are getting dumber, but just try listening to FM radio phone-in contests.  I swear it wasn’t like that when I was a teenager.  At least FM radio’s getting almost as funny as AM radio, haha!

Then There Was None

I had nothing to do by 3:30 this afternoon.  I’m just waiting for feedback on everything.  The next post is the result of this idleness.  Nagpanggap na busy, haha!

I’m a ‘really on or really off’ kind of writer.  I think one of my worst ‘off’ was when I was still at the magazine.  One whole day and all I had to show were two sentences of an article.  Today was apparently a “really on” day.  Just look at my notebook, all lines filled and hardly an erasure.  This picture is another result of idleness.  Nothing to do, what the heck, take a snapshot of the notebook.


It may be unChristian-like to some, but people in our Parish, and even Marikina in general, have looked forward to Holy Week every year for the past 6 years or so due to a certain controversy.

Our Parish is noted for its Holy Week processions on Holy Wednesday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.  It’s a big thing, especially for the saint owners.  They adorn their carozas (wheeled elevated platforms decorated with lights and flowers and used as the saint’s pedestal) with the best flowers and put the most beautiful dresses on their saints.  Some owners even feed the people who join the procession behind their caroza afterwards.  This is what I don’t get.  Holy Week is a time for prayer and sacrifice, and joining the procession is a form of that.  The eating that follows afterwards seem more like a celebration, more fit for Easter.  A lot of Marikeño families are also guilty of this – our own family included.  The Good Friday procession has become some sort of reason to have a family reunion.  Filipinos indeed jump at the chance to gather the clan together.  Granted, we don’t have meat on the menu, but our table is filled with variations of seafood and vegetables, some even with fancy recipes.

Back to the controversy.  A previous Parish Priest made the decision to be really biblical about the procession.  Meaning, not all saints get to be in the procession on all three days.  For example, the Good Friday one is a burial procession so the only carozas involved should be those of saints present at, and scenes depicting Jesus’ death and burial.  No St. Veronica, Last Supper, Agony in the Garden, etc.  All the other carozas depicting Jesus’ life, passion and suffering get their turn on Holy Wednesday only.  This same rule applies to the Easter procession.  Only those involved in Jesus’ resurrection should be included.  Makes perfect sense and is biblically accurate, right?  Tell that to the saint owners.  They didn’t take that sitting down.  There was even a year when they held a rally/motorcade demanding the ouster or resignation of the Parish Priest.  Their main reason for disagreeing with the new system?  They spend so much money, time and effort in preparing their carozas so they better get to display them more than just once!  It makes me wonder why these people had these saint icons and carozas made in the first place.  Did they think they could buy their way into heaven?  The time of Indulgences is long gone, and it’s something that should never have been instated in the first place.  Makes you think, which is worse, an unrepentant sinner or one who tries to buy favors from heaven?  I think I’d rather have the unrepentant sinner.

Due to the stubbornness of these people, we have been witness to two different processions these past few years.  One sanctioned by the Parish, and another composed of the die-hard opposers, led by a former Councilor.  And no, it’s not as cordial and conflict-free as you may think.  This year, we’re all looking forward to it again.  There are rumors that the new Parish Priest may have succeeded where his predecessors failed –  to get all the saint owners to cooperate and finally have just one procession on the scheduled days.

It’s all petty, we just laugh about it, and feel a little guilty for anticipating controversy during Holy Week.  But it begs the question of what all the Catholic rites and traditions mean.  Filipinos love to participate in traditions, but are we still doing so because we appreciate its meaning and it strengthens our faith, or just because we are so used to it?  Naka-gawian na, as we say.  My cousin once said that her Holy Week is not complete without watching our Parish’s procession.  Has it come to just that for most of us?  Do we still know what we are doing, does our participation still equal our faith, and is it still manifested in our actions?  Sometimes we just get lost and stay embedded in the familiarity and comfort of rituals and traditions.


I had a very mentally tiring day today. Suffice it to say that I spent only a total of two hours on my desk. The rest was spent inside the conference room.

I ended the work day by calling Anna to unwind my brain and just indulge in some ‘kababawan’ girl talk. It never ceases to amaze me that even after more than a decade, we can still talk about the same things we did in high school, and pretty much in the same way. It’s both nice and a bit embarrassing. I wonder what the people who saw me thought. A girl looking so grown up yet giggling her way through the streets. I ended up tripping – big time! Anna naman kasi! Hehe! 😀 Lesson learned: If you’re uncoordinated and klutzy, do not do these things at the same time: Try to walk sophisticatedly and talk on the cellphone about very ‘mababaw’ and girly stuff. You won’t be able to pull it off.

On another note, I saw the cat at KFC again. Mukhang doon na sa steps naka-tira. Here’s the picture, but Kitty Sanders suddenly moved that’s why it looks like that.


He (using the term generically, haven’t checked the sex yet) looks mean here but he’s really a sleepy, lazy kitty.

Ok, going to bed now – after watching ‘Maging Sino Ka Man’, heehee! Hmm, kayo rin eh. 😉

With Minmin, about healthy eating habits:

Hitting 30 means we’re not invincible anymore when it comes to eating.  Gone are the days when we could wolf down anything and not have any physiological and clinical evidence of it.  She told me of her recent blood count which revealed that she had a very high sodium level.  All those junk food, fast food, instant noodles and patis!  At least I found out I’m not actually the most unhealthy eater among my friends.  Sorry, Min. 🙂  What we actually both fear is our blood sugar level.  We’re both incurable chocoholics and sweetholics.  We both resolved to eat healthier…or at least try. 😀 Resist the aroma of fries, burgers, and the craving for junk food!  About the chocolates, there’s an article in the Philippine Star today that said dark chocolate is good for the arteries.  That’s our favorite kind of chocolate so we’re ok. 😀 Sige Leah, i-justify pa…

With Rebs, about anything and everything:

A day after she told me she had a dream that I died in a hit-and-run accident, I almost became a victim of one!  A really careless, thoughtless, inconsiderate, rude, indifferent (I’m running out of words to describe how much of a jerk he was!) motorist went tearing out of the parking building.  Rebs was a bit chagrined about that, but we laughed it off anyway.  We also talked about our current single state and I told her that I should go on a blind date with the guy she likes so he can be her boyfriend (for those who don’t know us, long story but my first and only blind date became her boyfriend).  Haha!  That really cracked us up.  Then talk became serious as we talked about a past rift that divided our high school barkada into two, and whether things could go back to the way they used to be since we’ve had more contact with them recently.  We  realized that friendships evolve, that we can never fully regain what we lost, but our foundation is strong enough that we don’t need to regain it.  It’s a different kind of friendship that we have now, yet still built on what we had in our teens.  We have matured enough to let go of youthful pettiness and just move forward.  Underneath everything that has happened, we are friends and they are still among the most special people to us.  There was never any true hatred, bitterness, or anything like that.  Like I told Rebs, we are still there for each other when it counts the most, like when her dad passed away.

Sometimes, I feel like a harbor.  So many ships pass and dock temporarily.  Only a few stay permanently, but I am happy with them.  At least I have the best.

In a previous post, I wrote about a little boy who asked if my dog was a tomboy. Apparently, I didn’t convince him enough that my dog is a boy. My dad walked the dog this morning and he said that a little boy, upon seeing our dog, said to his friend, “Yan yung asong tomboy.” I’m pretty sure it’s the same kid. When our maid heard that, she related that she encountered probably the same boy who said the same thing when she walked the dog a few days ago. I said that we should ask the kid why he thinks our dog is a tomboy the next time we see him. Oh, to be a kid again and perceive things according to our own reality.

Here’s my dog. Tomboy or not?


To Retch and To Laugh

I’m sure a lot of Filipinos have already seen Tito Sotto and Tessie Oreta’s political ads.  Uhm…let’s just call it simply ‘ads’ since there’s nothing political about it.  And by ‘political’ I mean the dictionary definition.

Tessie Oreta’s ad made me laugh out loud.  Gosh, the acting!  Points to her for addressing the ‘Dancing Queen’ issue head on, but really… I’d also love to know who wrote the script.  Well, the writer probably had no choice.  If that’s the case, my sympathies.  The things we do for clients sometimes…

Tito Sotto’s ad made me retch.  “Minsan lumilipat kasi kailangan” or something like that.  Ugh!  I-kumpara ba ang paglipat ng station sa paglipat ng political alliance?!

Why waste your money and our time on defensiveness that no one actually believes?  What about what you plan to do for the country to recover from your missteps?  That’s what we’d all like to know, not how sorry you are or why you did what you did.