I’m back to regularly riding the MRT since I’m now working in Makati.  One thing I’ve noticed more than the billboards is the much worsened pollution.  I was on the MRT at a quarter to 6pm today.  I was facing east (towards Antipolo).  Just a few years ago, I could still see the hills of Antipolo on a clear day.  It was a clear day today, yet I could barely make out the hills because of – you guessed it – the smog.  What are we doing about this?  I once read about President Arroyo being horrified by the pollution when she saw the smog when she was coming from somewhere.  I think she promised to do something about it.  What, I don’t know.  I’ve lost all faith in her promises.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

There’s another kind of pollution that’s worsening – noise pollution!  A lot of people either don’t really notice it or don’t really care.  But I do, and I hate it!  Have you ever been out on the streets and gotten a headache just because of the noise?  What I hate most are the motorcycles that tear through our street.  Worse, a lot of these are people I know.  They just love revving up at ALL HOURS.  Sometimes I would get woken up at odd hours by the sound of these motorcycles.  My bed is actually by the window facing the street and  I can’t rearrange it because of the size of my room and it’s weird L-shape (because of a built-in closet.  I’m actually close to writing a letter to our mayor complaining about the noise levels of these motorcycles (and tricycles too).  I hope they can make an ordinance to control this.

Until then, since it’s obvious that we have an unreliable government, let’s just do our part in curbing all kinds of pollution.  No effort is too small.  I just hate it when people say a small thing can’t make a difference anyway.  If you own a car, please make sure it’s not a smoke-belcher.  If you own a motorcycle, please don’t rev up unnecessarily and make so much noise – and never at odd hours please, especially in residential areas!  Have consideration for your neighbors.  Please don’t litter.  Keeping small trash in your pocket or your bag until you find a trash can won’t kill you.  In fact, I’ve noticed that there are usually enough trash cans around.  People just don’t use them.  Please don’t scoff at environmentalists.  Please just do your part and save the environment in your own way. 🙂