This thread from the Philippine Macintosh Users Group (PhilMUG) forum really cracked me up last night. Those who frequent the City of Manila have probably sighted this:


(image from Manila Boy Blog)

OYSTER is actually an acronym for Out-of-School Youth Serving Toward Economic Recovery.  The Filipino penchant for acronyms strikes again.  We just love our acronyms no matter how weird, laughable or irrelevant to the context. (One of my favorites is a joke acronym on the Grand Alliance of the Genuine Opposition)  What’s also funny is that the woman in the picture is not even close to being “Youth”.  I haven’t actually seen one of these since the City of Manila isn’t part of my daily routine.  Darn, I’m now actually wanting to go to Manila to see this for myself.

Yet another reason why I just can’t leave this country to migrate.  There will always be a reason to smile – and laugh! – in our islands.