Must be my Capiz heritage 😀 , but I think the eclipse early yesterday and the full moon last night had some effect on me. I literally hibernated at home all day and went out only to attend the 8pm Mass. And what did I see first upon stepping outside? The full moon. It put me into an inexplicable melancholy mood. Later that evening, I watched Sharon Cuneta’s Valentine concert on TV. She and Pops Fernandez sang ‘Love Story’ and I just found myself teary-eyed and so sad. I felt so heartbroken – and I had no reason to be. Well, maybe a little, but not bad enough to make me so sappy. I guess all this started last Saturday afternoon, when it rained as I was going home from the office. You know how I get every time it rains.  Combine that with an eclipse and a full moon and there’s no other way for me to go.