I saw some Cloud 9 chocolate inside our refrigerator and it suddenly brought on an intense craving for Serg’s chocolate.  It had either blue, yellow or pink wrapper, depending on the variant.  Filipinos 25 years and older would know what I’m talking about.  The worst thing is I can’t satisfy the craving!  So bad that there’s no more Serg’s.  The factory was beset by so many labor problems that it eventually closed down.  I hope that the present generation of Serg’s owners would eventually find a way to bring back the product.  I believe it still has a market.

This craving for Serg’s brought back memories of my favorite treats and chichirya from childhood, a lot of which are gone now.  Here are what I can remember:

•  Puffy Cones
•  Goya Gold Coins
•  Goya Cubes
•  Aparon
•  Haw Flakes
•  Cow Label
•  Jack n’ Jill Barbecue Curls
•  Those little candy pellets in different colors placed inside a long, thin plastic flag pole with a paper flag on top
•  The lollipop that you dip in powder and fizzes in your mouth
•  Bazooka Joe bubble gum
•  Big Boy bubble gum
•  Cotton candy
•  ChocNut
•  Big Bang chocolate

Kayo, ano ang mga paborito o naaalala niyong pagkaing bata?