I was late for work this morning. That’s not the pleasant surprise. 😀 After I ran and thankfully caught the elevator, someone tapped my shoulder. Lo and behold, it was my former officemate, our Art Director, one of the officemates closest to me. Small world. I knew he was working in a big ad agency and probably in Makati, but I didn’t know that it was in THAT building. We had lunch together to catch up on our lives. He paid, hehe! He’s now the happy owner of a Macbook. Another person influenced just by using Macs in the office.

He’s asking me to apply in their agency, and guess what, I will most likely do! I know I’m still in my adjustment period in my new job, but I really, really miss ad agency work. Two weeks of sedate, stress-free corporate communication and I’m longing for the hectic, chaotic, and yes, stressful world of advertising. I’m also missing the perks and the traveling.

Of course, I’d also love working with my ex-officemate again. We do work well together. I’m actually fortunate to have had good working and personal relationships with all three Art Directors I’ve worked with in my previous job. A Copywriter and an Art Director at odds with each other or who do not like each other much spells doom.

This is a nice day. I’m glad to have found an old friend in the building. 🙂