It can be unfair.  It can be funny.  It can be beautiful.  It can play with you.  Life is just about everything.

Suddenly, there’s still a glimmer of hope in a lost cause.  Entering the doors of a mall gives a feeling of everything falling into place and being back in the saddle again.  Bored in a job that has so far failed to meet expectations, and out of the blue an old friend appears to make the day a little more interesting.  An uneventful day ends with being transferred to a desk right beside the office eye candy.  A compliment in the email starts the morning.  Listening to the radio, four songs played in a row bring back bittersweet memories – right in the middle of work.  Getting home miraculously early (to write this post) because everything just went right – from the traffic, to the MRT, to the number of passengers.

Just when you think life sucks, it comes right back at you to say, “Hey, I may not always be to your liking, but if you allow it, I bring you a gift every single day.