I know it has been said often enough, but I’ll say it again.  Only VERY FEW showbiz people make good government leaders.  The rest just bank on their popularity and think that they can get by that once elected.  There are also those who are looking to regain lost glory through politics.  Or those who think their past popularity can carry them through.  Or those who just persist.

I saw a survey of senatorial candidates on the front page of the Philippine Daily Inquirer this morning.  I checked the lower part of the list first, and there he was – Victor Wood, running for senate.

There are showbiz personalities who keep on running for different positions in  every election.  They never win, do not even come close to winning, still they persist.  A good example is Sonny Parsons right here in my hometown of Marikina.  I don’t know if a lot of people remember him, but he was in a lot of action films in the 80s.  He’s campaigned for virtually every position in the city.  I think he won as Councilor once.  I’m even sure about that, because even if he had won, he didn’t do anything remarkable.  I can’t wait for the local government campaign period to start.  I wonder if he’s on the slate again.

Then I saw the plight of Cesar Montano on TV Patrol just a while ago.  His wife said they admit, “Napa-subo kami.”  They admit that the world of politics is very different from showbiz indeed.  If that’s the case, then get out of it – quick!  I promise you, you won’t be branded as quitters.  Only the foolish will think so.  There is persistence amidst setbacks, and then there is also the wisdom to know when to step back.  Please Mr. Montano, choose wisdom over persistence.

Isn’t the state of Philippine politics so ironic?  Our showbiz personalities try so hard to be politicians, while our politicians try so hard to be ‘showbiz’.  Just look at the ads.