…seen a shooting star (We always stargaze whenever we go to the beach, but sadly, my head is always turned the other way when it happens)

…flown a kite (I’m really sad about this.  I feel so deprived.)

…peered through a telescope (Got sick on the day of our field trip to the planetarium)

…flown in a helicopter (No opportunity yet)

…held a bug in my hand (Scared of insects)

…rappelled down anything (Would really love to do this, and I would the first chance I get)

…climbed to the peak of a mountain (Always just on the slopes)

…seen a full Roxas Boulevard sunset (Talo pa ko ng mga turista)

…seen a full sunrise in Metro Manila (Always still asleep or busy preparing for school or work; only get to see sunrises in the provinces)

…cruised aboard a big ship, as in SuperFerry and the like (Trip takes too long and if there’s an accident, I’d rather die in a plane crash – faster and less pain; but I’d love to try this at least once)

…asked a guy out on a date (To dance, yes; date, no)

…gotten flat out, smashed drunk (Allergic to hard drinks, hate the taste of beer)

…slapped a person (No matter how badly I wanted to)

…seen a dolphin in the ocean – sa Ocean Park lang, hehe (Always seasick when going to Puerto Galera; saw none when we went dolphin-watching in Bohol because of an earthquake the day before)

…been seated in Business/First Class on an airplane (Can’t afford it yet)

…fished (Would really love to)

…cooked an entire meal (I can bake, though)

…cleaned the bathroom, as in scrubbing the toilet bowl and the floor and walls (Always had someone else to do it for me)

…spent a full hour working out (Lasted only 30 minutes on my first and only foray into the gym)

…watched an Oblation Run (there was none yet during my years in UP Manila; never went to the one in Diliman)

…touched snow (Went to Paris in winter, alas, it didn’t snow during my stay)

…spent Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve in a place other than our house (would love to try Christmas and New Year in the province or in another country at least once)

…walked barefoot on the street (Almost did, but scotch tape got me through when the strap of my sandals broke)

…gone on a diet (Quite the opposite; I’ve been trying to gain weight most of my life until recently; masarap kumain!)


Some of the items on this list make me feel like I haven’t lived enough, but looking at the bigger picture, at what I have and experienced, I’ve been blessed with a good life.  Of course, as a human being, it’s hard to be contented, but it’s so easy to be thankful.