I’m sure a lot of Filipinos have already seen Tito Sotto and Tessie Oreta’s political ads.  Uhm…let’s just call it simply ‘ads’ since there’s nothing political about it.  And by ‘political’ I mean the dictionary definition.

Tessie Oreta’s ad made me laugh out loud.  Gosh, the acting!  Points to her for addressing the ‘Dancing Queen’ issue head on, but really… I’d also love to know who wrote the script.  Well, the writer probably had no choice.  If that’s the case, my sympathies.  The things we do for clients sometimes…

Tito Sotto’s ad made me retch.  “Minsan lumilipat kasi kailangan” or something like that.  Ugh!  I-kumpara ba ang paglipat ng station sa paglipat ng political alliance?!

Why waste your money and our time on defensiveness that no one actually believes?  What about what you plan to do for the country to recover from your missteps?  That’s what we’d all like to know, not how sorry you are or why you did what you did.