With Minmin, about healthy eating habits:

Hitting 30 means we’re not invincible anymore when it comes to eating.  Gone are the days when we could wolf down anything and not have any physiological and clinical evidence of it.  She told me of her recent blood count which revealed that she had a very high sodium level.  All those junk food, fast food, instant noodles and patis!  At least I found out I’m not actually the most unhealthy eater among my friends.  Sorry, Min. 🙂  What we actually both fear is our blood sugar level.  We’re both incurable chocoholics and sweetholics.  We both resolved to eat healthier…or at least try. 😀 Resist the aroma of fries, burgers, and the craving for junk food!  About the chocolates, there’s an article in the Philippine Star today that said dark chocolate is good for the arteries.  That’s our favorite kind of chocolate so we’re ok. 😀 Sige Leah, i-justify pa…

With Rebs, about anything and everything:

A day after she told me she had a dream that I died in a hit-and-run accident, I almost became a victim of one!  A really careless, thoughtless, inconsiderate, rude, indifferent (I’m running out of words to describe how much of a jerk he was!) motorist went tearing out of the parking building.  Rebs was a bit chagrined about that, but we laughed it off anyway.  We also talked about our current single state and I told her that I should go on a blind date with the guy she likes so he can be her boyfriend (for those who don’t know us, long story but my first and only blind date became her boyfriend).  Haha!  That really cracked us up.  Then talk became serious as we talked about a past rift that divided our high school barkada into two, and whether things could go back to the way they used to be since we’ve had more contact with them recently.  We  realized that friendships evolve, that we can never fully regain what we lost, but our foundation is strong enough that we don’t need to regain it.  It’s a different kind of friendship that we have now, yet still built on what we had in our teens.  We have matured enough to let go of youthful pettiness and just move forward.  Underneath everything that has happened, we are friends and they are still among the most special people to us.  There was never any true hatred, bitterness, or anything like that.  Like I told Rebs, we are still there for each other when it counts the most, like when her dad passed away.

Sometimes, I feel like a harbor.  So many ships pass and dock temporarily.  Only a few stay permanently, but I am happy with them.  At least I have the best.