I had a very mentally tiring day today. Suffice it to say that I spent only a total of two hours on my desk. The rest was spent inside the conference room.

I ended the work day by calling Anna to unwind my brain and just indulge in some ‘kababawan’ girl talk. It never ceases to amaze me that even after more than a decade, we can still talk about the same things we did in high school, and pretty much in the same way. It’s both nice and a bit embarrassing. I wonder what the people who saw me thought. A girl looking so grown up yet giggling her way through the streets. I ended up tripping – big time! Anna naman kasi! Hehe! 😀 Lesson learned: If you’re uncoordinated and klutzy, do not do these things at the same time: Try to walk sophisticatedly and talk on the cellphone about very ‘mababaw’ and girly stuff. You won’t be able to pull it off.

On another note, I saw the cat at KFC again. Mukhang doon na sa steps naka-tira. Here’s the picture, but Kitty Sanders suddenly moved that’s why it looks like that.


He (using the term generically, haven’t checked the sex yet) looks mean here but he’s really a sleepy, lazy kitty.

Ok, going to bed now – after watching ‘Maging Sino Ka Man’, heehee! Hmm, kayo rin eh. 😉