Not you, just those thoughtless election candidates who hold looooong motorcades with nary a care for the motorists that they inconvenience.  Sorry for the harsh headline.  It’s just that I got stuck at Kalayaan Ave. in Makati this morning.  It was only for 15 minutes, but the reason really irritated me and everyone else on the road.  I couldn’t tell whose group it was, but it was a really long motorcade that hogged the entire road.  They didn’t leave even just one lane for us.  I understand it’s the campaign season, but do these candidates think they can get votes by causing inconveniences?  After I told my dad about this, he said, “Ganyan talaga pag eleksyon, kapalan na ng mukha“, and to that I replied, “Ang kapal nga talaga ng mukha!”  The funny thing about this morning’s motorcade was that the candidates were waving with all their might and enthusiasm yet there were only a few bystanders.  What was there were a lot of pissed motorists and commuters.

Then again, this is all part of the Philippine election season.  Totally irritating, yet totally amusing too.