I haven’t written anything about Macs and Apple in general since the iPhone big bang. That’s because it’s been generally quiet on that front. The Apple TV market release was even somewhat anti-climactic. It seems that everyone is gearing up for the big OS X Leopard release.

There’s been a slew of updates recently – QuickTime 7.1.5, iTunes 7.1, and OS X 10.4.9, the last update before 10.5, which is Leopard. The iTunes update is probably the most exciting one. It now features full screen CoverFlow. Not so big in terms of functionality, but really pretty. Here:


There’s also a minor cosmetic change. The highlight color when you click on an item at the left menu box is now black.


A portent of things to come? A new, darker GUI for Leopard? The first to veer away from the typical Aqua GUI was iPhoto, especially the ‘Adjust’ box. Then came the cosmetic change of iTunes 7. All these in preparation for Leopard’s new GUI? Well, why not have a new look for Leopard? Vista has already copied a lot of Tiger’s features and graphic elements so it’s time to move on and give them something new to copy, hehe! Sorry, really can’t resist taking a dig at Windows.

I’m also wondering why iLife ’07 wasn’t released, or even announced, at Macworld last January. iLife is usually rolled out at the beginning of the year. There is definitely going to be an iLife ’07. Amazon even goofed and put it up on their site a couple of days before Macworld. Then there’s also silence on the Mac hardware front. No new Macs were unveiled at Macworld, its traditional launching pad. Steve Jobs also had no “One more thing…”. Something tells me Apple would come out with guns blazing before the WWDC in June. This will probably happen in late April or May. The Macworld became all about Apple’s expansion into other realms of technology and digital media. But I don’t think Steve and the rest of the guys at Cupertino are neglecting the Mac. I’m excited. This long silence could only mean big things for the Mac.

Yesterday, while goofing off at work, hehe, I watched some Mac vs. PC ads on YouTube. I also read the comments, and while I’m usually indifferent to Mac bashers, sometimes I still get irritated. I’m willing to bet that majority of the most virulent Mac critics have never used a Mac even a single time. The funniest bit for me was the one about Macs being for stupid people that’s why it was made to be so easy to use. Uhm, would you kindly look at the demographics of Mac users? Having a computer that just works right out of the box allows us to focus on more important things. Why waste our time with lots of configurations and customizations? Ok, I’m gonna stop now and avoid being dragged into this eternal debate. Just some last words for Mac bashers: Get your hands on a Mac and explore it without the PC/Windows mentality, then come back to us and tell us your HONEST opinion. By the way, a lot of Mac users are also cross-platform users so there’s little sense to the Mac-centric argument.

When I first got my Mac, Tintin predicted that I’ll be in a ‘do not disturb’ mode and totally engrossed with the thing for about two weeks, then I’ll be back to normal (a relative term, haha!). Oh well, many, many two weeks have passed and I’m still totally absorbed with Minnie. Yep, I’ve named my Mac like many other users do. After an entire day on a Windows PC, I can’t wait to get my hands back on a Mac when I get home from work. Windows and PCs just hold no appeal to me. Call it snobbery, a quirk, a crock, or whatever, but I’ll always be a Macgirl and proud of it! 😀