I viewed my blog through a Windows PC for the first time yesterday. I must say that I’m thoroughly disappointed with how Windows (or PCs, I don’t have enough technical knowledge to know where the problem lies) renders colors, fonts and graphics. My blog template looks totally prettier on a Mac, especially the fonts. The brown color of the body text comes out beautifully. And the brown background is more elegant, not the not-so-nice darker brown that I saw when I was on the PC. Take a look at this screenshot:


Now I totally get why artists and designers always prefer Macs.

I had a lot of slack time at work yesterday and I thought of doing some blog hopping, but I scrapped the idea when I saw how my blog looked. Don’t want to be further disappointed. Some of the blogs I read have beautiful templates. I just sticked to downloading whatever goodies I could get from the Apple website and all the other apps that I need. Taking advantage of the really fast internet connection, haha!