Anna and I had great laughs with the kids at her Internet café.

These 10-12-year-olds supplied us with the following pick-up lines (To our male friends, use at your own risk. If you get smacked on the face, it’s your fault. If you get the girl, treat us to a nice dinner – or a nice vacation):

Ikaw ba may-ari ng Crayola? Kasi binigyan mo ng kulay ang buhay ko. (Do you own Crayola? Because you gave color to my life.)

Ano ang height mo? Paano ka nagkasya sa puso ko? (What’s your height? How did you fit into my heart?) – Use on tall girls only.

Bangin ka ba? Kasi nahulog ako sa iyo. (Are you a well? Because I fell for you)

Am I a bad shooter? Because I keep missing you.

Depending on your state of mind at the moment, this is either downright cheesy or downright funny. Since we’ve been interacting with kids for several hours already, this was really funny.