There was a local elections campaign rally on our street last Sunday night, just a few meters away from our house. It was the party of the incumbent Mayor Marides Fernando. They presented their complete slate, with each candidate given a chance to speak. I couldn’t say that it was successful, given the fact that there were only around 50 people present, at the most. I wasn’t really surprised by the low turnout given the way it was promoted, to start with. We had no idea there was going to be a rally until shortly before it started.

A few days before, my dad ran into our Barangay Captain, who told him that there was going to be a meeting at the chapel on Sunday evening. My dad assumed it was the usual Homeowners Association meeting. There was no mention about the election candidates. Hmm, smacking of deception and attempting to get a captive audience. Come Sunday evening, we were greeted by a blast of music and when we went out, we saw a stage erected on the street corner in front of the chapel. Since the people in our block could hear everything from our houses anyway, no one bothered to go out. Well, some stood just inside their gates, but it was only to take a peek once in a while.

The funny thing was, we could very clearly hear the host and the entertainers, but could barely hear the candidates themselves. It was pointless. We heard the entire lyrics of ‘Hawak Kamay’ yet did not hear the candidates’ platform. You might say that we should have gone outside had we really wanted to listen to them. Still, there really must be something wrong if we could hear the others just fine. I guess not many were very much interested anyway, since only a few bothered to go near the stage. My dad went for a while to be polite since he was personally invited by Kap, but he lasted for only 15 minutes or so.

Maybe the party felt that they didn’t need to campaign much since they’re running practically unopposed, or at least most of them are assured of victory. Still, a little more effort would have been appreciated. Show us that you’re not taking it for granted. Show us why you deserve to get our votes, aside from the fact that you belong to the incumbent party which everyone knows is doing a very good job. This goes for all other candidates elsewhere.

Politics in Marikina is probably one of the most boring in the country, especially after Bayani Fernando took office. He was able to turn the city around and make it one of the most livable places in the country. Now his wife is doing the same thing, and even improving on other areas. This is one time we don’t mind the political dynasty. I just wish they knew how to campaign better than just turning everything pink. Then again, action speaks louder than words, and that they have aplenty. And a pink city is not so bad. 😉