Once again, I find myself with pretty much nothing to do at the office, and it’s only 4:27pm (I get off at 5:30).  This usually happens to a Copywriter especially during projects when close collaboration with an artist is involved.  Artist is busy with more urgent project –> Copywriter left idle.  So I changed my blog template.  Ok, ok, I know you’re thinking, “There she goes again…”.  So, I’m no longer promising that this template will stick.  Just resign yourself to seeing a new template every few months. 😀

Thank God for YouTube and this other site where I watch current seasons of TV shows (ssh! heehee).  It’s funny, but when the office is so quiet, you’ll know that most of us are not very busy.  We’re all probably just on YouTube or any other sites on the Net.  Or group chatting. 😉  Goofing off has now also gone the high tech way.