Figuratively and literally. We were at Shangri-La Mall last night and had dinner at Green Tomato. Yummy pasta! Rebs kept on insisting that we’ve already eaten there before. I kept saying no, we haven’t, or maybe she had but definitely not with me along. I think the attendant was quite amused because it was bordering on a heated debate. Gosh, put two stubborn people together, one with poor memory and one with a dizzy brain, and there you have it. We moved on to Starbucks after Tin arrived, and ate a delicious chocolate truffle cake (or something like that; it was Tin who ordered). While we were there, one of her gay friends called and invited her to meet them at Arya in Greenhills. So off we went. They were such jolly company, as most gay people are. One of them was a gym instructor – the same gym instructor who taught the Body Combat class that I walked out on after only 30 minutes due to sheer exhaustion! Good thing he didn’t remember me…probably. We had a funny time alternately dissing and complimenting the waitresses. One waitress was very pretty, so Donnie told her so outright. She was very flattered since he said it with such sincerity. Then he acted panicked and said, “Oh my gosh, I’m liking girls now!” The other waitress wasn’t so friendly and accommodating, so Donnie had lots of side comments that were really funny. I think she even heard some of it…ooops.

Last night was a great ending to the work week, a good balance between seriousness and silliness. We also planned our itinerary for June, which is: Day 1 – beach at Antulang; Day 2 – beach at Antulang; Day 3 – beach again at Sumilon; Day 4 – Dumaguete City. Rebs said, “Yun lang yun?” Haha! I guess she got used to our much more complicated itinerary last summer when we went to Bantayan island, Cebu City, Dumaguete, Valencia and finally Bacolod – all in just 6 days. I can’t wait for June. Crossing my fingers that I can really go. Oh yeah, a lot of things are hanging in the balance right now. I’m excited to see which way they’ll land.