I was disturbed to find out that some friends are actually planning not to vote, either because they don’t know anymore who is worth voting for or because they have totally lost faith in our political system.  Perhaps it was the lateness of the hour when I couldn’t form a coherent thought anymore, or maybe I was really unsettled by what I was hearing, but I just wasn’t able to speak up and share my side.  I just sat there, silently mulling what they were saying.

How many other Filipino citizens at the prime of their life think this way?  We have learned in Social Studies that it is our right to vote.  What we have to understand is that it can also be viewed as a privilege.  Just think of other countries around the world where citizens would love to have a hand in picking their government leaders, but are not allowed to do so.  Here we are, given the right and the freedom to vote for whomever we want, and some of us refuse to do so – and then complain about how the government sucks.

Even if the candidates we vote for do not eventually win, at least we can say that we tried, that we’re doing something to improve things.  Only then can we have the right to feel frustrated and to complain and to protest.  There are other ways to show displeasure with the government, but never by giving up the right and the privilege to vote.  It is just the height of apathy and resignation.  Change does not happen out of thin air.