Now I know there’s really something wrong with me.  I wrote about being wilted the other day, and hoped that bath and sleep will make me feel better.  It didn’t.  I left the office early today because I felt like I was running a fever.  Lagnat sa loob (fever that’s not quite coming out) was more like it.  I had cold, clammy hands and feet, but the rest of my body was so hot, though according to my officemates my neck and forehead didn’t feel hot when they touched it.  I still have that something in-between dizziness and a headache.  I feel a little bit better when I’m out of the air conditioning.  Based on the thermometer, I have normal temperature, but I still feel like I’m emitting so much heat.

My dad’s first instinct was to bring me to the doctor, but good thing our family doctor has no clinic today.  Did I ever tell you that I’m scared of doctors and any kind of medical procedure?  The only thing I’m comfortable with is X-ray.  Even the doctor’s stethoscope and throat thingy makes me nervous.  I go to the doctor only when I’m so sick I can barely stand.  I’m making a compromise this time.  If I’m still not fine by Monday afternoon, ok, I’ll go to the doctor.  That’s when her clinic is open anyway. 😀  And yes, I’m comfortable with one doctor only, the same one who has treated our extended family for around 20 years now.  At least I don’t have to recite a litany of medical history whenever I go to her.  Until tomorrow though, it’ll be Biogesic and lots of water and sleep for me.  Hope to have better news next post.