I’m fine now, though quick and sudden head movements still make the room spin.  So I’m moving like I have a stiff neck.  At least I’m feeling better each day.

What a time to get sick.  I really hope to be 100% ok within the week.  My favorite cousin (who I haven’t seen in more than 10 years) is arriving from the States, we’re having a big party on Saturday (I think, no confirmation yet) and it’s my birthday in two weeks.  May is actually a busy month in our family.  Aside from mine, it’s also the birthday month of an uncle, a cousin and a cousin-in-law.  It’s also our barangay fiesta and it’s tradition for our family to watch the Santacruzan and make lots of side comments (with only a half-hearted attempt to keep it out of earshot of others).  It’s a tradition that has been alive for at least 3 generations already.  No wonder no member of our family has ever participated in the Santacruzan, even though we get some offers.  No way.   Yikes!  We’re scared of all the comments that might be thrown back at us.  Karma, haha!

This morning, I was rudely awakened by firecrackers, sirens, drums and church bells.  There were also at least 3 parades/motorcades that passed our street within the day, and now I’m hearing drum and bugle corps, signaling a fourth one.  Merry month of May indeed, and this is just the first day of the month.  The first parade was that of the Parish Pastoral Council after the Mass at our chapel (kick-off for the Parish fiesta on May 12).  Then a campaign motorcade at mid-afternoon, and another one a couple of hours ago.  The parade that’s going to begin anytime now has something to do with the barangay fiesta.

Bring on the celebrations! 🙂