This blog has been silent for a week now, its longest silence ever.  Nope, nothing’s wrong with me.  On the contrary, I’ve actually been busy and enjoying this past week.  My cousin finally arrived from the States, so a lot of my evenings have been spent with her and the rest of the clan.  It’s been like one unending reunion-slash-food trip.  By the way, I’ve gained weight.  Hmm, wonder why? 😀

On the work front, I’m glad to tell you that I’m so much happier now, and definitely not bored anymore.  I’ve been transferred to a different work station once more, this time beside the graphic artists and the wacky Account Manager.  My work assignments have also become more interesting, and I’m now fully working with artists again.  I love it.  I feed on their energy and creativity.

I’ve actually scribbled some paragraphs on different topics in my notebook, which I intended to post here.  I haven’t finished any though, since work kept on “disrupting” my writing.  Haha!  I’ll probably get around to it this weekend – if out-of-town plans do not push through.   Stay tuned…

Oh yeah, definitely alive.