I turned another year older last May 14. It was actually one of my most eventful birthdays in recent years. First off, it was election day. This was probably the second or third time that my birthday fell on election day.

Then we had a big clan reunion on my maternal grandmother’s side. It was extra special since it marked my cousin’s homecoming after 15 years, and there were also four of us in the clan who share the same birthday. At 31, I was the youngest among the birthday celebrants.

“Age is but a number”, that’s what I always say to people who rib me about my age. I always say that what’s more important is the state of mind. In my case, those are not just defensive words. Those are words I really live by. And it’s pretty much the consensus that I look younger than my age, haha! 😉

Seriously though, I don’t mind telling people my age. Why be ashamed of it? As I said, it’s only a number, a marker. And there are times when I’m glad to be past the awkward teenage years or the confusion of the twenties.  I feel that this is my prime decade and that the best is yet to come.