That’s what yesterday was all about. My favorite cousin went back to the States after a month of vacation here in the Philippines. I enjoyed every minute our clan spent together this past month. Too bad I wasn’t able to join them for out-of-town trips because of work schedule conflict. Now that she’s back in New York, we’re back to an email relationship as well.

The guest priest in our Parish also went back to his native India yesterday. We weren’t really close, but he went to our house once and we had a good long chat. Since then, he would always spare some time to ask me how things are every time I would run into him. He was also almost always around, available for sick calls and impromptu Masses or whatever else you may need a priest for. I guess I would miss that security of having Fr. Benny around. He really loved interacting with everyone he meets and immersing himself in the local life.

The third goodbye is a symbolic one and I guess I’m only still halfway there. I’ll probably write about it someday. Let’s just say that I already got a starter rainy season “gift”, if you could call it as such.