There’s something interesting at the Philippine Macintosh Users Group forums again.  A guy made a bet with his friends and will try to live purely online for 30 days.  He will do everything – work, groceries, food, etc. – through the Internet.  His friends locked him in and took away his phone so he won’t be able to cheat.  The key was left with the guard in his apartment building so he can open the door for the delivery guys.

This bet was based on a premise of whether the Philippines is mature enough (Internet-wise) to make it possible for a person to survive an entirely online life.  Check out this PhilMUG thread where he explains his “project” and his blog where he chronicles his adventure.

I must admit that his endeavor got me hooked.  Other Muggers are also prodding him to document it on video.  Can’t wait to see how everything will turn out – and I’m hoping he wins his bet.