Warning: This is a rant about how Jollibee screwed up its delivery service tonight. I just finished my Chickenjoy dinner and though food normally calms me down when I’m mad, it didn’t work this time. One of my biggest pet peeves is poor customer service. It takes a lot to make me mad, but poor, inefficient service makes me snap in a second. Here’s the list of everything that went wrong tonight:

1. What’s with the spiel that ends with ‘How may I help you?’ then silence? Duh, 8-7000 is a special number for delivery so naturally every caller wants the same thing. Making them still say that they want food delivery is pointless. All or most other delivery services ask for your number or address immediately.

2. Ordering the Chickenjoy meal went smoothly. It was the beverage that was the problem. I ordered Coke so it would be easy. What fast food place runs out of Coke, right? Well, Jollibee did. And they don’t have rootbeer either. All they had were dalandan and iced tea, so I had to add P11 more. No biggie, but it’s still irritating when everything you order is unavailable. These are just softdrinks. Why the hell don’t they have softdrinks at dinner time?

3. I’m a tacos/nachos gal, so I wanted to try out their new Nacho Festival. Surprise, surprise, it’s unavailable too. That’s a new item, for cripe’s sake. Aren’t they supposed to be promoting it and keeping it available?

4. After 10 minutes, somebody from Jollibee Marquinton (which wasn’t even the nearest branch) called to ask for landmarks. Uh…I already gave that to the operator. Wasn’t it supposed to have been relayed to the branch?

5. After 30 minutes, the delivery person called and he was lost! He went to M. Cruz st. I’m at C. Cruz. I even stated the what the C. means – twice! How the hell do you mix up M with C?

6. I specifically asked for change for P1000. When our maid handed the cash to the delivery guy, he scratched his head and said that he was told to bring change for P200. Again, how do you mix up 1000 and 200? I could have understood 100 because it would mean that it was just an error in typing. But 200?! Good thing we had some P100 bills. To top it off, he wouldn’t have given me the drinks if I didn’t ask for it!

We rarely have fast food delivery at home, and I can’t remember the last time we ordered from Jollibee, but I don’t remember their service being this shoddy. I don’t want to generalize either so maybe this was just a bad night. But if someone from Jollibee or someone who knows someone from Jollibee reads this, please, please make sure this doesn’t happen again.