You know how they say that you’re really living in the new millennium when you use your cell phone in your driveway  to call people inside the house to help you with the groceries?  That scenario finally happened to me this evening, only it wasn’t with the groceries that I needed help.  Instead, I almost stepped on a HUGE frog as I was about to open the gate.  It was blocking my way.  Now, I love animals, BUT NOT reptiles and amphibians.  So you could just imagine how far backwards I jumped!

I looked for a neighbor who might be out on the street to shoo away the frog for me.  Alas, there was none.  So I finally took out my cell phone and dialed our landline.  I couldn’t connect, so I dialed my dad’s phone.  It started to ring, but the connection was cut off.  Grr… I tried calling out to my dad but he couldn’t hear me.  Finally, either our maid spotted me from the window or she was about to let the dog out for his evening ‘ritual’, but eventually, she opened the door and saw me standing outside the gate.  She was able to make the huge frog go away and I was finally able to go inside the house.  Whew!

It’s the one thing I hate about the rainy season – it also means frog season!  There are already enough metaphorical frogs around, I don’t need real ones too, thank you.