I could hold on for a hundred years
When all else is gone
I would still be here
In a memory of things yet unseen
I’d remember all that we’ve never been
And I cannot wait to see
What life has in store for me

In another lifetime
It would be forever
In another world
Where you and I
Could be together
In another set of chances
I’d take the ones I’d missed
And make you mine
If only for a time
My life would matter
In another life

And I’d stay as strong and I’d stay as true
And you’d have forever now to think it through
Coz I believe what wasn’t meant to be
Wasn’t meant for now and
Someday you’ll see
In a place and time we never know
I’d be standing there waiting for you
[Repeat Chorus]

You would be mine
But until that time is now
I’d be holding on somehow
[Repeat Chorus]

But until that time
I’ll be holding onto forever
Until another life

Sung by Gary Valenciano

Written by Jude Thaddeus Gitamondoc

…for the times when we paint rainbows on a canvass of air, when we strum love songs on strings of sea water, when we etch dreams on sand, when we see a mirage as the true image; yet still believe that the day will come when our hands will touch the roughness of the canvass, when our fingers will strum real melodies, when old dreams are realities that pave the way for new ones, when we live in the real setting and a mirage is simply nature’s art and nothing more.