That has been my mantra since this morning, when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was finally released by the bookstores. For the first time, I didn’t make a reservation for the book, and I didn’t buy a copy today. I found myself reluctant to shell out almost P1500. That’s what a girl gets for not working full time for almost a year. I still have bills to pay and other stuff to buy.

Back to the topic. When I passed through Powerbooks, I saw lots of copies of the book and quite a number of people were reading the last few pages, obviously to find the answer to the question of the year: ‘Does Harry live?’ I resolutely resisted the temptation to do the same. I walked straight ahead, not even stopping to look at other books because I might give in once I stay longer inside the bookstore. Oh, I had a lapse earlier in the day when I went to Digg. I thought to myself that if I see a true spoiler story on Digg’s first page, I would probably read it. Fortunately, there was none.

Now, it’s very likely that I would accidentally learn about the ending (like what happened with book 5), but I would still be excited as to how it came about. THAT is what I really wouldn’t want to know yet. When it comes to books and tv shows, I sometimes have this tendency to want to know right away how it ends. I’m more interested in what and how it leads to a particular ending.

That being said, I’m still very uncomfortable (and guilty) about spoilers. From the point of view of a writer, how would you feel working so hard only for readers to already know the ending before you can tell the story? From the point of view of a reader, it’s being inconsiderate. There are those who still relish the suspense of reading. For those who really can’t resist posting spoilers, please put a warning first and don’t put the ending or the juicy part in the headline and/or in the first sentence. Make it a little bit more difficult for the cheaters. I know I’m talking to a wall here, but hey, not all walls are impenetrable.

With the pervasiveness of media, I guess the only way to avoid spoilers is to be a hermit while all the hoopla is going on. Or try very hard to resist the temptation. Learn selective sight and hearing. It can be a very character-building exercise. 😉