Yet another reason for a relapse. 😀  Krispy Kreme has 4 new Hershey’s chocolate variants – Special Dark, Reese’s & Kreme, Chocolate w/Almonds, and Cookies and Kreme.  We were on our way home from the Mall of Asia last Sunday evening when we saw the billboard (in-between Buendia and Guadalupe, coming from the south) advertising the new variants.  We immediately detoured to Greenhills!  Hehe…

I only bought the first three variants, and I must say I like them all, though the Chocolate w/Almonds was a bit too sweet.  Of course, Special Dark was still the best – probably a tad biased opinion since dark chocolate is my favorite kind.  As Minmin said, this is chocolate heaven.  Chocolates on top of doughnuts – a sinful heaven, if there’s ever such a thing.