And the browser wars continue…at least on my machine.  I’ve been trying out Camino these past two days, and I’m very satisfied.  It’s blazing fast – makes Firefox appear sluggish.  The only compatibility issue so far is with the Yahoo Mail beta, but I can live with that since it’s not my main email.  I guess the only time I’ll be opening Firefox is when I need some of Yahoo Mail beta’s features.  I’m also waiting for Safari 3 to get out of beta to see if some compatibility issues are resolved.  Right now, Safari can’t handle the rich text editor and template features of Blogger beta – which Camino can.

Camino is Mozilla’s Mac-specific browser, evidenced by its tagline, “Mozilla Power, Mac Style”.  It’s like Firefox lite – does almost everything that Firefox does, minus the myriad of themes and extensions.  With Camino, you’ll need 3rd party apps like Caminicon and UnifyCamino to customize the interface.  But these are just cosmetic add-ons.  This Camino release works great as is.  I also like the feature that allows you to bookmark all current tabs as a group.  When you click its folder after bookmarking, all the tabs in the group will open.  Cool.

Bottom-line:  Safari for die-hard Apple users who don’t mind missing out on some features of blog and e-mail sites; Firefox for those who can’t live without its themes and extensions, and Camino for those who simply want fast, secure, no-frills browsing.