Yes, Virginia, there is a Charlie Brown!  I don’t know if a lot of people know this, or whether I’m the last one, but Charlie Brown of the Peanuts comic strip is an actual person.  I learned this at Mass last Sunday.  The priest was talking about humility and he gave Charlie Brown as one example.

Charlie Brown is a real person, a very good friend of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz.  They met at Art Instruction, Inc. in Minneapolis, where they both worked as instructors.  They struck a lifelong friendship.  One time, Charles asked Charlie if he could use his name in a cartoon he was creating. And no, Charlie does not physically resemble his cartoon alter ego.

After leaving Art Instruction, Inc., Charlie became Director of a juvenile detention center in Minneapolis, where he was quite well-loved.  Peanuts went on to gain international fame, but Charlie never once told anybody that he was THE Charlie Brown of the comic strip.

I liked how the priest ended the story:  “Imagine, for 20 years, the children who went to the detention center came looking for Charlie Brown, never knowing that they were indeed getting THE REAL CHARLIE BROWN.”

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