On my way home this evening, I heard a song (which I haven’t heard in a long time) that reminded me of our high school pep rallies.  It was the New Wave song, Big Country.  One of our cheers adopted its melody.  The words of the cheer’s chorus suddenly came back to me, as if I was only cheering it this afternoon:

When we cheer MC, MC stays with you

Like a lifted voice coming from all sides

So stay aside…

(sung to the tune of the chorus of Big Country)

 “MC” are the initials of that girls’ school in Katipunan separated from Ateneo only by a foot bridge.  I’m guessing that I’m not the only one who remembers at least part of the words to our cheers, especially when we hear the original songs from where the melodies where taken.  Those pep rallies probably form part of the best high school memories for a lot of us – because we won the cheering competition against such stalwarts as Assumption and St. Scholastica’s!  This was in our senior year so it was part of a great send-off gift for us.  I have sung our school song countless of times, and with the exception of our graduation day, I have never sung it with as much feeling as that day at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum.

To schoolmates who may stray across this blog…cheers for all the great memories that our school brought us! 🙂