Or will it really be the end? Tomorrow is verdict day for former Philippine president Joseph Estrada. Having been so dismayed with politics and the justice system, I haven’t really followed the nitty-gritty of this case, my information only coming from those that accidentally or inevitably come my way or those that I choose to listen to/read. Yet I feel a perverse sense of excitement. What will happen tomorrow? Will there be rallies, chaos in the streets? Will I get to witness an important, turning-point kind of event? On a more selfish and worrisome note – will I get stranded in Makati? Or will it just be an ordinary day that just happens to have some big news in the course of it?

What will happen after the verdict is read? If he is convicted and sent to prison permanently, will everything really be ok? Will it actually solve anything? My answer is no.

If he is acquitted, will justice really be served? Will the nation truly move forward? Will it actually prove anything? My answer is still no.

So what now?