I caught veteran broadcaster Korina Sanchez in a slip-up the other day.  She stumbled over the saying “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”  Instead, she said:  “The proof of the cake…is in the…pudding.”  My jaw almost dropped.  This happened during her morning radio show with Ted Failon.  She somewhat stammered her way out of it once she realized her error.  Kudos to Ted for the quick save.  And at least she was aware of her slip-up.

My first instinct was to laugh, but being a Copywriter who still gets caught with grammatical and other language lapses once in a while, sometimes even by the least likely people, sobered me – and comforted me, too.  Even veterans make mistakes.  Nobody’s perfect, and the rules, mechanics and quirks of language are certainly very tricky to master – and that’s what makes it fun! 😉