To most of us, going online and using the Internet are already second-nature. But do you still the remember the first time you ever went online? Do you still remember the first time you learned about the Internet and your reaction to it? Did you ever believe then that all the things we’re doing online now were possible?

I was introduced to the web in one of my major subjects in college. We had a group report (circa 1994) and the topic assigned to us was ‘Communication Technology’. IBM was the first company that came to mind, so we contacted the Corporate Communication Manager – who turned out to have come from UP too, and was very nice and accommodating. (Thank you, Mr. Marcy Ballesteros – can’t believe I still remember his name). Among other things, he explained the concept of email and e-bulletin board. I remember that I asked to see the e-bulletin board. Silly me, I expected something like a real, life-size bulletin board, only that it’s digital/electronic. He then said that it was all in the computer and proceeded to show us the ‘terminal’.  Non-techie me expected a room full of computers and wires. Instead, we were shown a single computer. I’m guessing now that that’s the server. 😀

We were also assigned to discuss the Internet in our report. I wasn’t really able to totally grasp the idea at that time. I got lost at ‘fiber optics’. So I made a deal with my classmate – I would cover all the other communication technologies, if she would discuss the Internet. She agreed. Funny how things turn out, though. I am now more technically adept than the girl who explained the Internet to the whole class.  Sorry Min! 😀

I surfed the Net for the first time at an Internet café at Robinson’s Galleria, as an activity for another major subject. Our teacher brought us there for a hands-on experience. While my classmates went to the entertainment sites, I looked for travel sites and ended up taking a virtual tour of Dracula’s castle!

I’ve visited countless sites since that first log on (which I think was at Yahoo), but I’ll always remember the first time that a web page appeared on my screen.  How about you, do you still remember your first time on the Internet?