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    Aah, the dreaded question mark!  My Mac’s harddrive may have crashed! 😦  A question mark appears at startup, and it usually means a system or a harddisk failure. (So it means I’m sneaking in this post from somewhere 😉  Whatever the problem may be, the only thing I want is to be able to recover my files.  I’ve been bad in backing up, and this crash had the worst possible timing. A punishment, maybe?  I was scheduled to do my backup over the break, and this happens!  Right when I’m also in the thick of a quite lengthy freelance project. Moral of the story:  BACKUP, BACKUP BACKUP!
    So, if I’m invisible for quite some time, it means I totally lost my data and other apps and am busy restoring them.  I’m not worried about my project files since all my data there were sent and received through email, so that’s easily retrievable.  But my photos, music, videos, and other personal files… :-O  (crossing my fingers)  I have most of them in CDs, but just thinking about the time and effort I spent editing, downloading and uploading…ugh!  Worst of all that could be lost are my writings.  I have several unfinished or unpolished works stored there.  I guess this means scouring the house for drafts on paper that I haven’t thrown yet.
    See you when everything’s up and running again!  Please pray for me and my harddrive 🙂 

Everyday, I pass through almost the exact spot in Glorietta where the bomb went off.  That is the route I take to get to the Ayala MRT station.  I went cold all over when I found out about the location of the blast.  What if it happened between 5:30 to 6 that afternoon instead?

Thank God also that none of my family or friends were hurt.  Well, in the case of friends, none that I know of as yet, and hope it would remain that way.

As with tragedies like this, there are so many questions in the aftermath, foremost of which is the person or group that is responsible for the attack.  Right now, two theories abound:  the usual suspects – Islamic terrorists; and the government (surprise! surprise!) that badly needs a diversion from all the controversies.

Much as I am fervently hoping that the present administration could not stomach committing such an atrocity, I just can’t shake off the niggling suspicion brought about by (in)Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez’ (surprise! surprise! again) highly defensive response, expressed with uncalled-for irksomeness.  Then again, it’s also what comes naturally from him, so we can’t really accurately decipher anything from his statements.

As for the terrorists, I could never understand the reasoning behind their cowardly methods of war.  I guess that’s why it’s called terrorism.  They strike every now and then to sow fear and paranoia.  But we shouldn’t let them succeed.  Though I was still shaken, I refused to give in to fear and hole up somewhere.  I bravely rode the MRT, went inside another crowded mall and had dinner with a friend.  I don’t want to think of it as foolishness or thoughtlessness.  It’s called fighting back by going on with life as usual, even though it feels a little strange and uneasy knowing that just in another place nearby, countless other lives have been disrupted.

Enough of that now.  At this time, I refuse to waste my thoughts and emotions on the perpetrators and the kibitzers.  I’m focusing them instead on the innocent lives lost or changed forever.  My thoughts and prayers are with them and their families and friends.  May they rise from this, keeping their hope and faith alive.

I am pigeon-chested.

What I and everyone else thought was a cleavage in spite of my severely lacking…uhh…frontal attributes is actually a skeletal defect.  I have a deeper-than-usual chest bone depression.  I inherited it from my dad.

We only found out about this when we went to the doctor today.  Earlier, I had the scare of my life when I felt chest pains and had shortness of breath.  The possibility of a heart attack crossed my mind, so I asked my dad to take me to our family doctor – that’s saying something considering how afraid I am of doctors and medical procedures.

So…I am healthy – and have good skin (not part of the diagnosis, just a nice comment by the doctor).  The only thing wrong with me is my pigeon chest which can constrict heart movement, making me prone to shortness of breath.  It was also an “Oh, I get it now” moment for my dad since he also experiences the same thing sometimes.  Unfortunately, it’s something that we just have to live with.  I was just given medication to relieve the pain and constriction – and vitamins.  I’ve been remiss in taking my vitamins, and with the way I eat, I really need that!  I was also told to watch my posture and do deep-breathing exercises.  Crossing my fingers that I’ll be better by Monday or else I’ll need to have an ECG.  The doctor isn’t worried though, since my blood pressure and heart rate is very normal.

The good thing about this scare though is that I resolved to eat healthier and exercise more.  I think it will be easy to keep that resolution now.

The Barong Goes To London


If that ain’t a jazzed up Barong Tagalog (the Filipino national costume).  Saw that pic on  Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino wore it to an event in London.

I still think the Barong looks best on a Filipino man, though.

My dad and I spent the afternoon moving furniture around, just because of a desk he brought home from the office.   Just as I’m still excited to wear new clothes, I also get excited about new furniture.  Well, this one’s not exactly new, just an old white desk that doesn’t fit in their renovated office anymore.  I like it because it’s wider than my previous computer desk, has a drawer that covers the full length of the table, and is white, therefore matching my Mac, keyboard and mouse.

I like furniture, period.  Old or new, it doesn’t matter, I could easily put them to some use, sometimes not for what it was originally intended.  And I have this odd sense of design where I don’t care if the furniture don’t match, so long as they don’t clash horribly.  In fact, if it were up to me, I’d have a dining set with different chairs around the table.  If I have my own family someday, I’d let every member pick whatever dining chair they want.

One of my dream home projects is to restore some old pieces of furniture that we have at home, or to re-work some that are too dilapidated to restore or are not too much to my taste as they are.

I also can’t wait to have a totally new and empty house to furnish…and learn to build furniture.  One of my favorites that I saw on the Lifestyle Network was an episode of a show where a portion was dedicated to making furniture.  They built a coffee table just using PVC pipes, glass, and some paint.

Hand me the manual, the materials and the tools, please. 🙂