My dad and I spent the afternoon moving furniture around, just because of a desk he brought home from the office.   Just as I’m still excited to wear new clothes, I also get excited about new furniture.  Well, this one’s not exactly new, just an old white desk that doesn’t fit in their renovated office anymore.  I like it because it’s wider than my previous computer desk, has a drawer that covers the full length of the table, and is white, therefore matching my Mac, keyboard and mouse.

I like furniture, period.  Old or new, it doesn’t matter, I could easily put them to some use, sometimes not for what it was originally intended.  And I have this odd sense of design where I don’t care if the furniture don’t match, so long as they don’t clash horribly.  In fact, if it were up to me, I’d have a dining set with different chairs around the table.  If I have my own family someday, I’d let every member pick whatever dining chair they want.

One of my dream home projects is to restore some old pieces of furniture that we have at home, or to re-work some that are too dilapidated to restore or are not too much to my taste as they are.

I also can’t wait to have a totally new and empty house to furnish…and learn to build furniture.  One of my favorites that I saw on the Lifestyle Network was an episode of a show where a portion was dedicated to making furniture.  They built a coffee table just using PVC pipes, glass, and some paint.

Hand me the manual, the materials and the tools, please. 🙂