What I and everyone else thought was a cleavage in spite of my severely lacking…uhh…frontal attributes is actually a skeletal defect.  I have a deeper-than-usual chest bone depression.  I inherited it from my dad.

We only found out about this when we went to the doctor today.  Earlier, I had the scare of my life when I felt chest pains and had shortness of breath.  The possibility of a heart attack crossed my mind, so I asked my dad to take me to our family doctor – that’s saying something considering how afraid I am of doctors and medical procedures.

So…I am healthy – and have good skin (not part of the diagnosis, just a nice comment by the doctor).  The only thing wrong with me is my pigeon chest which can constrict heart movement, making me prone to shortness of breath.  It was also an “Oh, I get it now” moment for my dad since he also experiences the same thing sometimes.  Unfortunately, it’s something that we just have to live with.  I was just given medication to relieve the pain and constriction – and vitamins.  I’ve been remiss in taking my vitamins, and with the way I eat, I really need that!  I was also told to watch my posture and do deep-breathing exercises.  Crossing my fingers that I’ll be better by Monday or else I’ll need to have an ECG.  The doctor isn’t worried though, since my blood pressure and heart rate is very normal.

The good thing about this scare though is that I resolved to eat healthier and exercise more.  I think it will be easy to keep that resolution now.