Aah, the dreaded question mark!  My Mac’s harddrive may have crashed! 😦  A question mark appears at startup, and it usually means a system or a harddisk failure. (So it means I’m sneaking in this post from somewhere 😉  Whatever the problem may be, the only thing I want is to be able to recover my files.  I’ve been bad in backing up, and this crash had the worst possible timing. A punishment, maybe?  I was scheduled to do my backup over the break, and this happens!  Right when I’m also in the thick of a quite lengthy freelance project. Moral of the story:  BACKUP, BACKUP BACKUP!
    So, if I’m invisible for quite some time, it means I totally lost my data and other apps and am busy restoring them.  I’m not worried about my project files since all my data there were sent and received through email, so that’s easily retrievable.  But my photos, music, videos, and other personal files… :-O  (crossing my fingers)  I have most of them in CDs, but just thinking about the time and effort I spent editing, downloading and uploading…ugh!  Worst of all that could be lost are my writings.  I have several unfinished or unpolished works stored there.  I guess this means scouring the house for drafts on paper that I haven’t thrown yet.
    See you when everything’s up and running again!  Please pray for me and my harddrive 🙂