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When and where’s the next one?

I’m still here after being caught yet again in the middle of another chapter in the misadventures of Philippine politicians and the government. When EDSA 2 broke out, I was then working at an office right along EDSA and had to pass by the Shrine to get home. During the February 25, 2006 almost-revolt, I was at an office in Greenhills, where a major group of demonstrators assembled and began marching towards EDSA. Now I am in Makati for the Peninsula seige. Hmm…wonder where to next?

Having said this, I’ve become quite numb to these ‘pocket revolutions’. I’m more excited about whether we’ll be let out of work earlier than usual. Isn’t that just pathetic? Then again…that already seems to be normal here in Metro Manila where we witness such events every six months or so. I feel like we’re already very well trained on what to do on such occasions: 1) Log on to,, to monitor the situation (not actually because we care about what’s happening, but because we want to know if we’ll be stranded at the office or what alternate routes we can take) and cnn and bbc just to see if we’ve already made the international headlines 2) Ask the powers-that-be at the office if we can go home early 3) Call loved ones just to we’re ok 4) Go home, watch the news and jokingly say ‘darn!’ when it’s all over since it means there’s work the following day.

In my case, that has become the drill almost each year, alongside the fire drill, only this one is the real thing. When will the people involved realize that EDSA reruns just won’t work anymore. The way I see it, the only time that the masses will join a revolt is if Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo finds a way to somehow hold on to power beyond 2010. Most of us have probably already resigned ourselves to almost 2 more years of the fakest smile ever and are already looking forward to 2010 when practically anybody who gets elected President will be a breath of fresh air…until the next pocket revolt.

Message from beyond?

I had a very eerie dream two nights ago.  In my dream, I was a news reporter covering the Glorietta explosion.  I was part of a group who went to ground zero.  It was very dark inside the ruins. We looked around the area then went up a flight of stairs.  About halfway up, a male reporter leading the pack began shouting, “Smoke, smoke!  Go back!” We all hurriedly turned back as the smoke slowly began engulfing us.  As we were running down the stairs and heading for the exit, we heard ghostly voices angrily screaming that it wasn’t a gas explosion that killed them.  When we reached the safety of the street outside, fire broke out inside the rubble.————–A manifestation of subconscious thought, or really a message from beyond?